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Welcome to Bellamy Farms a family owned equestrian farm

Welcome to Bellamy Farms a family owned equestrian farm


Welcome To Bellamy Farms

Bellamy Farms was originally established in 1979 as Bellamy Arabian Farm in Gloucester, VA.  For nearly thirty years, the farm had a reputation of owning and raising exceptional foals with great minds and good temperaments.   The herd consisted of one Arabian stallion and 20 riding mounts and broodmares. Between 1986 and 1995, Andalusians and Paso Finos were added to the horses at Bellamy.  This made it possible to offer Andalusian stock (purebred and half-bred) and offspring from the Paso Fino stallion, Centauro La Estrella, to the horse selection at the farm.  Bellamy Arabian Farm was a full-service facility providing lessons, breeding, foaling services, boarding, trailering, training, summer camps for youth and show services to those desiring to be more involved with their horses. Lessons and training were provided in the disciplines of hunter, jumper, cross-country, competitive trail, western and dressage for more than two decades.

In 2007, Bellamy Farms became our new face with a specialty in gaited breeds and long distance trail riding.  As we began to realize that riding was more important than being determined to ride an Arabian (due to aging aches), the mounts changed to Rocky Mountain horses, Spotted Saddle horses and  Tennessee Walkers.  This change mainly occurred because of their easy gaits and the comfortable ride afforded to the rider for long hours.  

We are pleased and happy to say that we are three generations strong of horse lovers and riders!We strive to match the right horse with the right rider.  Not every horse is for every rider, but there is the perfect owner for every horse. Matching the horses natural abilities with the rider’s experience and desires can make a good match time after time.  Jim and Carolyn Fitzpatrick, the owners, along with their daughter, Jerilyn Becker, her husband, Gary, and their daughter, Julia, are all ready to help you find your next mount.

 If anyone asks Jim or Carolyn, “what puts a smile on their face?”  Their reply would most likely be, “trail riding for hours on the back of their horse”.    They feel there is nothing more exhilarating than discovering new trails, traveling to new places or wilderness camping with their special mounts.  Their wish for you is that you have many enjoyable days enjoying your mount for years to come.  

 Not all of our stock is listed.  Please email or call us to inquire of other stock possibly offered for sale.

Email us or call Carolyn at 434-942-0132.